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Welcome to St. Joseph’s!

We’re So Glad You Came!

We’re thrilled to see you! As a matter of fact, we’ve been waiting for you!

We believe that every person who comes to St. Joseph’s is a special gift from God. We want to express the love we know in Jesus Christ with one another. We’re excited to share it with you, and to grow together in our pilgrimage of faith.

St. Joseph’s is a place for all people – no matter where you may be on the journey – and it won’t take you long to discover that we are a vibrant and caring community of faith, journeying from different places and life-experiences, but who desire to grow together.

Our doors are open to you! If you have been praying, thinking, searching, church – shopping, and hoping for a place to belong – we say “Welcome!”

God’s blessing be upon you now and always,

Mass Times

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Welcome to St. Joseph

God loves everyone. No exceptions. St. Joseph’s Welcomes You. We are here for you! We Invite you to join us on the spiritual journey as we learn, and grow together, and as we seek to help and serve others.

Our Vision

To eradicate social isolation and disconnection by keeping alive the Memory of the Passion in our hearts.

Our Mission

To inspire spiritual maturity in outwardly focused Christians by nurturing in them love for the Crucified Creation and serve the common good

Mass Intentions

Do you have a birthday you would like to celebrate for a friend? Sympathy for the loss of a loved one? You can have a Mass intention said for a person on these special occasions or for special intentions. Grab a Mass Intention Envelope and notate the date of the Mass intention. You can call or email the office as well. This is a beautiful and special way to pay tribute to loved ones.

Let Us Pray…

Fr. George and the Parish Staff would like to pray for your intentions during their personal daily prayer time. Please complete the form below to send us your intention and know that it will be included in our prayer. We would ask that you remember the intentions of our Parish Family in your prayers as well.

Our Faith

We seek the unity of our lives and our apostolate in the Passion of Jesus. His Passion reveals the power of God which penetrates the world, destroying the power of evil and building up the Kingdom of God.


We are here because of your generosity. We give generously not because of any biblical rule, or fear that God will be disappointed if we don’t, but rather as a reflection of the priorities of our hearts. If Christ is truly the centre of our lives, then giving to the church should be an outward reflection of an inward change, signifying that God is first in our hearts. Yes, we need your support. St. Joseph’s is 100% funded through the generosity of individuals. Simply put, we couldn’t exist without the generosity of the people who call St. Joseph home. No, God doesn’t need your money. God wants your heart. We give in response to what God has done in our lives. We worship and serve a “give first” God, who calls us to imitate God’s selfless, life-giving ways. When we give to what God cares about, we share in the work of building God’s Kingdom. When we give generously, we share in the true nature of God’s abundant love.




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